Moor Sewing curtains are professionally handmade and made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. Our curtains are made by a qualified and experienced team with careful attention to your requirements, delivering a beautiful finish which will complement your home.

Pencil Pleat | Double Pleat | Triple Pleat | Goblet Pleat | Cartridge Pleat | Eyelet

Our excellent personal service includes:

  • A FREE consultation where we measure and advise on styles and patterns to suit your home.
  • Advice on tracks or poles if needed, provided by our trusted partners.
  • No obligation quote and estimate for how much fabric will be required.
  • An invitation to come and view a wide choice of fabrics carefully selected from reputable suppliers.
  • Consistent communication to ensure you are kept up to date with the progress of your order.

Why Choose Made to Measure?

‘Made to Measure’ allows you to create your own bespoke curtains, don’t worry we will help you every step of the way. Unlike ready-made curtains there is so much more choice of fabrics and finishes when you have made to measure curtains.

Double Pleat
Double Pleat
Pencil Pleat
Pencil Pleat

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Pencil Pleat Curtains

A traditional curtain heading gathering the fabric for a luxurious look.

Our Hand made Pleated Curtains are expertly finished and we can customise with buttons and can be made to fit a range of tracks.

All our Curtains have expertly finished hems and mitred corners and are weighted to ensure they hang beautifully.

Double Pleat Curtains

Double Pleat is our most popular style as it gives a beautifully elegant finish.

Double pleat curtains are a highly decorative heading, drawing together lots of fabric into a tightly gathered and stitched tailored look. The permanently sewn-in pleats make for a smart finish, with elegant folds flowing from top to bottom.

Our double pleated curtains can be customised with additional details to give them a unique finish and to perfectly match your room. We are also able to make matching cushions to complete your room.

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Triple Pleat Curtains

Triple Pleat is the ultimate luxury. using more fabric and set with a high-quality lining, triple pleat curtains are the ultimate way to dress a window to impress.

All our triple pleat curtains are hand made and the exquisitely finished to give you the best possible result.

Goblet Pleat Curtains

Goblet pleats are a detailed heading style, similar in look to pinch pleat curtains. Tucked and folded, goblet pleats are open at the very top to give a ‘goblet’ or ‘wineglass’ look. They can be hung from a track or a pole.

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Cartridge Pleat Curtains

Cartridge pleat curtains have cylindrical shaped pleats. The cylindrical shape then runs down into the main body of the curtains

How are thee pleats created?

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains make a dramatic feature of a window thanks to the deep folds of fabric, which run in uniform lines from top to bottom. Eyelet curtains always hang from a pole, which is threaded through metal rings.

Modern and contemporary interiors love eyelet curtains. It’s all down to their simple, but eye-catching clean lines.

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