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How is made to measure different to ready-made?

Ready-made curtains and blinds come in a limited number of standard sizes, so these don’t always offer the best fit. We find that customers with older properties have windows that don’t conform to these standard dimensions, such as bay windows. But this can also be a problem in modern houses if there are large windows or bifold doors, for example. Our made to measure curtains and blinds will fit your space perfectly, however. We take detailed measurements ourselves, so you don’t have to worry whether you have done this correctly, and we personally hang the finished item to ensure it is just right.

The other advantage with made to measure is that this gives you much more flexibility, both in terms of the style you choose as well as offering you a huge range of beautiful fabrics.

Find out more about our services here.

What styles do you offer for your made-to-measure curtains and how can I choose the best one for me?

Made to measure curtains can be crafted in a number of different styles. Deciding which one to choose will depend on a number of factors, including the ‘look’ you are creating in your room, whether you want to use tracks or poles and your budget. The main styles include:

  • Pencil pleat – a traditional curtain heading that gathers the fabric for a luxurious finish. This is also very versatile, as it can be styled to create a more formal or a more relaxed look and can be made to fit a wide range of tracks.

  • Double pleat – this is a highly decorative heading, drawing together lots of fabric for a tailored effect. Our handmade double pleat curtains also feature permanently sewn-in pleats to create elegant folds and can be customised with a charming button detail.

  • Triple pleat similar to the double pleat, above, this style uses a lot more fabric to give a truly luxurious look and feel.
  • Wave curtains – a modern, relaxed style with folds that run the length of the curtain to create a rippling ‘wave’ effect. These are hung from discreet tracks, which really showcases the fabric design when they are closed. However, the folds mean that they tuck neatly at the sides when open, letting in lots of light.
  • Eyelet curtains – a contemporary style, with deep folds of fabric producing simple yet eye-catching clean lines. This style is always hung from a pole, which is threaded through metal rings at the top of the curtain.

  • Goblet pleat – a distinctive heading style, with each pleat tucked and folded with an open top to create a ‘goblet’ or ‘wine glass’ effect. This suits more formal rooms and can be hung from either a track or a pole. 

  • Cartridge pleat – a more modern take on the goblet pleat, with cylindrical pleats running the length of the curtains to create a series of beautiful folds. This style works best when hung from poles.

  • Eyelet curtains – a contemporary style, with deep folds of fabric producing simple yet eye-catching clean lines. This style is always hung from a pole, which is threaded through metal rings at the top of the curtain.

We go through these options with you at your free consultation, where you can discuss with us what you prefer and what will suit your room. Find out more about our handmade curtains here.

Where can I view your fabric selection?

We offer a huge selection of quality fabrics, including linens, cottons, velvets and more in a range of beautiful designs and colours. We only partner with leading UK manufacturers and some excellent local suppliers to ensure a high standard of finish. With hundreds of options, there are far too many to list on our website, so we recommend taking advantage of our free fabric viewing as part of our made to measure service. We also provide links so that you can see the full collections and send samples so that you can check how these look in your own home. Find out more about our fabrics here.

Can I supply my own fabric?

We prefer to work with our trusted fabric suppliers for our handmade curtains, blinds and cushions. However, we can also use fabric that you have sourced yourself. Please be aware that you will need to have unrolled the fabric and inspected it carefully before sending it to us, as we do not accept liability for any marks, damage or imperfections, and do not perform a fabric check if this has not come from one of our own suppliers. We also add a 15% surcharge when you supply the fabric yourself, to cover the cost of our consultations and site visits etc, which is included in our margins if we are supplying the fabric. 

Do you offer an alterations service?

Yes, alongside providing a made to measure service, we also specialise in professional alterations to help you give a new lease of life to your curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. Find out more about our alterations here.

What locations do you cover with your made to measure services?

We are based in Bovey Tracey and are able to provide handmade curtains, blinds and cushions for customers throughout Devon. We also offer a carefully chosen selection of products, including blinds and tracks or poles, which are available to order online.